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Dani Collins

Consequence Of His Revenge

Enemies become lovers during an irresistible one-night stand that results in pregnancy in this sexy romance from a USA Today–bestselling author.
Charismatic Sicilian Dante Gallo is out for revenge. But he doesn’t expect to desire Cami Fagan so intensely. Her father stole confidential information from him, how can he trust anything she says? Yet the electric heat between them is a truth neither can deny! And when Dante and Cami give into irresistible, passionate temptation, he discovers just how innocent virgin Cami really is . . .
When their night of sizzling passion has forever consequences, Dante sweeps Cami away to his villa in Sicily. Vengeance is no longer the goal for this powerful billionaire. Cami has already changed his life beyond recognition. Now Dante wants to claim his heir—and Cami too!
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    Sensual warmth suffused her in a way that had never happened.
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    her, making her gasp at his sudden

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