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C.H. Webber

Astrology in a Nutshell

The contents of this book are of great value in educating the human mind, especially in its appreciation of the fact, that “Order is Heaven's First Law.”

This may not be realized in a single reading. We advise repeated readings of the whole book before attempting to practice its lessons. Each reading will throw a new flash of light upon minds unfamiliar with Astrology.

Superficial readers might judge the lessons herein given to be tautological, but the author deems these repetitions necessary to impress certain important facts upon the student.

Repetitions in teaching are lposgycichofactors. The teacher who never alludes to a matter but once would be apt to make a superficial impression.

The Wonder Wheel herein presented is an ingenious compilation of Astrologic lore, created by the Author for his own convenience, many years after he had become adept in the Science. He found that he often needed an Astrologic lay-out of the heavens before his eyes when working out his problems. In using it he soon learned that he could dispense with the mathematical sums, for, knowing the motion of the planets, (as per page 28) he could trace their position from point to point about the circle with his eye.

The Wheel reveals at a glance the Zodiacal Signs, their names, numbers, and Horoscopal correspondences; the degrees of Zodiac corresponding with yearly calendar; parts of the body and the human characters ruled by the signs, their lordships; the decanates and terms of the signs and their rulers; the clock hours of the day by which Hscooropes may be calculated; the planetary hours, and week-day rulers, aspects and angles from the several signs. Years of Life circle; differences in time at various parts of the world; the cignificances of houses of the Horoscope, the elemental nature of signs and houses; the localities of prominent fixed stars, etc.

The Author discovered by use of this Wheel, that it answered the purposes of a globe or a map, and by which any and every problem in Astronomy and Astrology could be more quickly approximated, than by any other inexpensive method known. He was induced by his friends to make it public, and he has done so, in various forms, so that the Wonder Wheel and his Tabula Magus, are now known in every civilized portion of the globe. They have been found to be Wonderful Demostrator of Divine Law, in Biblical, Spiritual, Theosophic, Astrologic or other systems of Ancient or Modern lore, and whatever a person's religious faith, it may be upheld by lessons drawn from the Wonder Wheel.

Teachers, Lecturers, Writers and Students have already drawn many illustrations from it, in their particular lines of work. Even the children have found out several simple games of amusement, by use of the Wheel, with checkers, buttons or dice. It is well adapted in Kinder-garten schools to various lines of attention, and all scholars may discover new truths in its use.
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  • Marcin Grotahar citeretfor 4 måneder siden
    His name is written in the Book of Life, and that Book is the starry heavens.

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