Evi Tsaousaki

Agatha's Last Supper

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The theme of the play is an unorthodox imaginary family compound of heretical characters which many of them, if combined by twos, are the ends of a conscience and a lesson about life to excess of.
Agatha, the chatelaine invites her family in England to celebrate her birthday and tell them who will inherit her huge mansion.
Her brother and her sister, her lifelong friend and physician are some guests of the list. Carl (a psychiatrist), Lou (a linguist and theologian), Aleister (a black magician), Tamara (a painter), Giacomo (a rich man by profession and a big lover), April (a famous model), Will and George (politicians) and Mary (wife of Will and mother of George and Giacomo) and a last minitue guest, Rene (a painter) keep in suspense everyone in Agatha’s Last Supper.
Berta (Agatha’s crazy maid) and Alexis (Agatha’s servant) are also keeping big secrets at the end of the play.
The events evolve on New Year’s Eve of the year one thousand nine hundred thirty-five (1935) through a magnifying lens of a seeker of truth about the simple everyday life issues such as: love, education, art, politics, medicine and ethics.
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