Cathy Billings

The Maine Lobster Industry

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An inside look at the history and traditions behind this New England delicacy.
Since the first recorded lobster catch in 1605, the Maine lobster fishery has grown into a multibillion-dollar force. In this book, Cathy Billings of the University of Maine Lobster Institute embarks on a journey from trap to plate, introducing readers to lobstermen, boat builders, bait dealers, marine suppliers, and the expansive industry that revolves around the fishery.
Maine lobster families extend for generations back, and strides in sustainability have been a hallmark of the Maine fishery throughout the centuries—from the time lobstermen themselves introduced conservation measures in the mid-1800s. Today, Maine’s lobster fishery is a model of a co-managed, sustainable fishery. The people who work Maine’s lobster fishery have developed a coastal economy with an international influence and deep history, and this book takes you behind the scenes.
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