The Romance of Lust

The Romance of Lust, or Early Experiences is a Victorian erotic novel published anonymously in four volumes during the years 1873–1876 by William Lazenby. The novel is told in first person, and the protagonist of the novel is Charlie Roberts. Charlie possesses a large penis, much virility, and a seemingly insatiable sexual appetite. Charlie describes his sexual initiation as an adolescent — as he is “approaching fifteen”. He catalogs his sexual experiences including incest with his sisters Eliza and Mary, sex with his governesses, and his later sexual exploits with various male and female friends, and acquaintances.
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    Sugar&Cinnamonhar delt en vurderingfor 4 år siden
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    Good but the narration is too greasy sometimes. It may be cause it's a victorian novel but i didn't enjoy it as I think I could

    MG Linghar delt en vurderingfor 5 år siden
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    A simple tale of lust. Well told,

    b4340932796har delt en vurderingfor 6 måneder siden
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    Nourhan Metwallyhar citeretfor 4 år siden
    Although not tall for my age, nor outwardly presenting a manly appearance, my passions were awakening, and the distinctive feature of my sex, although in repose it looked magnificent enough, was very sufficiently developed when under the influence of feminine excitement.
    daisydulldayshar citeretfor 6 år siden
    I could not help feeling what a different effect these endearments would have had twenty-four hours earlier
    b5204206102har citeretfor 10 dage siden
    A very few days after

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