Michael G. LaFosse,Richard L. Alexander

Origami Studio

**Winner of the 2012 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Best Video Award**This award-winning origami teaches origami beginners all the most important folds and techniques.Welcome to Origami Studio —an artist's workshop! This all-inclusive origami paper craft ebook with downloadable material will teach you to easily create beautiful origami as if you are right in the studio. World renowned origami master, Michael LaFosse will guide you step-by-step though 30 carefully crafted lessons. You will move seamlessly from origami beginning to intermediate all at your own pace. Origami Studio teaches an understanding of origami terminology, the ability to easily read diagrams, a mastery of fine techniques and bases, and discovery of tips, tricks and secrets of one of the world's most foremost folders. Although the easy-to-follow instructions make this a great origami for kids ebook, it is also serious and challenging enough for adult learners looking to learn origami and get a solid foundation in the art of origami paper folding. The origami ebook includes: Full-color 72-page booklet Step-by-step instruction and diagrams 30 fun lessons Downloadable material Easy-to-follow demonstrations for each of the 30 lessonsNo matter your age, or previous paper folding experience, these projects and techniques will help you become a better origami folder. Frustrating objects are easily removed by explaining what is going on on a fundamental level. By mastering the basics of origami you will soon be able to advance to much more difficult and rewarding projects and enjoy a lifetime of joy folding and sharing your designs with friends and family.Paper folding projects Include:Elsa's SwanJapanese Inflatable FrogPillow NoteLily FlowerBunnyStar Box and much more…
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