Hayatinufus A.L. Tobing,William W. Wongso

Homestyle Indonesian Cooking

Enjoy home-cooked dishes from all over the Indonesian archipelago with this collection of over 40 classics from Sumatra, Java, Madura, Bali and Sulawesi. Indonesian cuisine is known for being diverse; over 300 ethnic groups call this tropical paradise “home.” Homestyle Indonesian Cooking contains everything you need to know to create some of Indonesia’s tastiest appetizers, snacks, salads, vegetables, soups, stews, poultry, meat, seafood, and desserts. Recipes include: Chicken satay with peanut saucePecelSoto Aynam MaduraGrilled chicken Sundanese StyleSambal prawnsYoung coconut meringue cakeJavanese bean paste beef stewBanjarese chicken soupAlso included in this book are unit conversion tables, dual unit measurements, a photo overview of the most essential Indonesian ingredients, and over 30 large clear photos. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!
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