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Charlotte E. English


Orlind. Locked behind impassable mountains, buried under the weight of a vast — and terrible — history, the Seventh Realm has remained a mystery all the long ages through.

Until now.

For the Lokant sorcerers’ power and might grows by the day — and all their thought is bent upon Orlind. What secrets lie hidden behind so ancient an enchantment?

What powers could be worth a war to win?

For war has come to the Seven. The draykoni are on the attack — and Llandry’s home city is first in the firing line.

As Llandry fights to defend her home, Eva sets out upon the trail of the Lokant leader, Krays. If he’s bound for Orlind, then so is she — and what she finds there may change the course of history forever.

The mystery begun in Draykon reaches its climax in Orlind: an epic tale of valour and secrets, darkness and hope.
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