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Charlotte Perkins Gilman


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    Sasha Midlhar citeretsidste år
    Somel explained: "We find that in all your historic period, so much longer than ours, that with all the interplay of services, the exchange of inventions and discoveries, and the wonderful progress we so admire, that in this widespread Other World of yours, there is still much disease, often contagious."

    We admitted this at once.

    "Also there is still, in varying degree, ignorance, with prejudice and unbridled emotion."

    This too was admitted.

    "We find also that in spite of the advance of democracy and the increase of wealth, that there is still unrest and sometimes combat."

    Yes, yes, we admitted it all. We were used to these things and saw no reason for so much seriousness.

    "All things considered," they said, and they did not say a hundredth part of the things they were considering, "we are unwilling to expose our country to free communication with the rest of the world—as yet.
    Sasha Midlhar citeretsidste år
    With the lightest touch, different women asking different questions at different times, and putting all our answers together like a picture puzzle, they had figured out a sort of skeleton chart as to the prevalence of disease among us. Even more subtly with no show of horror or condemnation, they had gathered something—far from the truth, but something pretty clear—about poverty, vice, and crime. They even had a goodly number of our dangers all itemized, from asking us about insurance and innocent things like that.
    Sasha Midlhar citeretsidste år
    but Terry had no such desire. He was crazy to be out of it all. It made him sick, he said, SICK; this everlasting mother-mother-mothering

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