Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant, Lewis Kirkham
Lewis Kirkham

Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant

Do you have a much-loved dog? Your 'fur kid'?

Are you expecting or trying for a baby? Does your dog know?

Do you want to learn how to prepare your dog for the new addition?

NOTE: To make use of the step-by-step guide for using baby and toy noises to prepare your dog, links are included to download 14 soundtracks of baby and toy noises.

Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant offers a practical, intuitive approach for creating a loving bond between your dog and your new baby. Dr Kirkham has packed this book full of information, helpful tips and the latest behavioral knowledge. It is a must read for any dog owning family who is expecting a baby – your dog's and baby's future relationship may just depend on it.

Learn how to:

. Prepare your dog for the baby

. Accustom your dog to numerous baby sounds, including toy noises

. Read and interpret your dog's body language

. Adjust your routine and the household to keep your dog calm

. Introduce your dog and baby for the first time

. Recognise your dog's warning signs

. Know when you need professional assistance

A baby makes many different noises and your dog needs to be familiar with new sounds ranging from crying to giggling; sneezing to splashing in the bath; as well as all those noisy toys. Prepare your dog for these new sounds with this step-by-step guide.
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