Jane Porter,Sarah Morgan,Kristi Gold

A Sheikh's Seduction/The Sheikh's Virgin Princess/The Sheikh's Chosen Queen/Persuading The Playboy King

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The Sheikh's Virgin Princess — Sarah Morgan
Princess Alexandra wants nothing more than to protect her country, even if that means seeking protection from her murderous uncle by marrying the Sultan of Zangrar. A handsome bodyguard named Karim is sent to escort Alexa to Zangrar, yet little does she know that Karim is the sultan in disguise!
Princess Alexa is certainly beautiful and feisty, but Karim senses in her a vulnerability he didn't expect to find and they begin to give in to their mutual attraction. But how can Karim reveal his deception without pushing her away?
The Sheikh's Chosen Queen — Jane Porter
When Jesslyn knew him in London, Sharif Fehr was a playboy prince, and their romance was carefree and fun. Now Jesslyn's been summoned to the desert land that Sheikh Sharif rules.
The intervening years have proved harsh, and Sharif has grown used to his word being law. No one dares challenge him — except Jesslyn! But Sharif is sure of one thing: Jesslyn will obey his ultimate command and submit…to becoming his wife and queen!
Persuading The Playboy King — Kristi Gold
Dr Kate Milner couldn't help but stare at the King of Doriana and remember the electricity they'd once shared. Years later, she was working in his clinic and found herself wanting to rediscover the man she'd once known.
Newly crowned king, Marc DeLoria had a dilemma: did he give in to his primal feelings for Kate, or show himself as a strong, saintly ruler? The more time he spent with her, the more he realised that not only was the crown in jeopardy…his heart was in the greatest danger of all!
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