Jit Sinha

Ultimate Splunk for Cybersecurity

The Ultimate Splunk for Cybersecurity is your practical companion to utilizing Splunk for threat detection and security operations.

This in-depth guide begins with an introduction to Splunk and its role in cybersecurity, followed by a detailed discussion on configuring inputs and data sources, understanding Splunk architecture, and using Splunk Enterprise Security (ES).

It further explores topics such as data ingestion and normalization, understanding SIEM, and threat detection and response. It then delves into advanced analytics for threat detection, integration with other security tools, and automation and orchestration with Splunk.

Additionally, it covers cloud security with Splunk, DevOps, and security operations. Moreover, the book provides practical guidance on best practices for Splunk in cybersecurity, compliance, and regulatory requirements. It concludes with a summary of the key concepts covered throughout the book.
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