Tao Wong

System Apocalypse Issue 5

Dragons. Aliens. Monsters. Sometimes, Enemies Can Be Allies.

As the first year of the Apocalypse continues and summer turns to fall, new dangers arise in the Yukon. Humanity beginst to turn on one another, even against the best efforts of John and his team. Worst, for the first time, a dungeon makes an appearance; bringing with it new monsters and a growing danger of dungeon breakout. John and his team will need to face the new challenge, but some victories come with a price.

The System Apocalypse 5 is an adaption of the bestselling post-apocalyptic LitRPG novel 'Life in the North' by Tao Wong and covers the first year of the System Apocalypse.
26 trykte sider
Oprindeligt udgivet
J.C. Grande
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