Wildside Press

Black Cat Weekly #26

This issue brights quite a selection of mysteries and crime stories—8, in fact. (Though two are doing double-duty as science fiction.) Michael Bracken has selected a story by our acquiring editor Cynthia Ward for this issue—“Roadsong,” which (along with Eando Binder’s tale) is also science fiction. Barb Goffman has picked a winner by John Shepphird this issue. Plus we have classics by Stephen Wasylyk, James Holding, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Nicholas Carter. And what issue would be complete without a solve-it-yourself mystery by Hal Charles?

On the science fiction side, Cynthia Ward has picked “Memorabilia,” a post holocaust story, by Holly Wade Matter, plus we have a classic fantasy by Lester del Rey (from Unknown), and a classic science fiction story by Jerry Sohl (from Infinity). Here’s the complete lineup:

Mysteries / Suspense / Adventure

“Alligators Don’t Ask for Payment,” by Stephen Wasylyk [short story]
“Shima Maru,” by James Holding [short story]
“A Ring of Truth,” by Hal Charles [solve-it-yourself mystery]
“Of Dogs & Deceit,” by John Shepphird [short story]
The Bamboo Blonde, by Dorothy B. Hughes [novel]
Following a Chance Clue, by Nicholas Carter [novel]
“The Sign of the Scarlet Cross,” by Eando Binder [short story]
“Roadsong,” by Cynthia Ward [short story]

Science Fiction & Fantasy

“The Sign of the Scarlet Cross,” by Eando Binder [short story]
“Roadsong,” by Cynthia Ward [short story]
“Memorabilia,” by Holly Wade Matter [short story]
“Death in Transit,” by Jerry Sohl [short story]
“Anything,” by Lester del Rey [short story]
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