Lynne Graham

Expectant Bride

A brash businessman turns a feisty office cleaner’s life upside down in this classic contemporary romance by a USA Today–bestselling author.
Ellie Morgan hoped to buy the bookshop where she worked, so evenings she moonlighted as a cleaner at Alexiakis International . . . Until she overheard Dio Alexiakis discussing a top-secret deal, and he insisted that Ellie was an industrial spy! Ellie was unnerved by her confrontation with Dio Alexiakis. However, Dio knew just how he would deal with her. . . .
Ellie found herself on her way to Dio’s island, and two days and nights of perfect passion . . . followed by an unexpected pregnancy. Dio had the perfect solution—they’d marry for the baby’s sake. By now, Ellie was in love with Dio, but could he learn to love his expectant bride?
Originally published in 1999.
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