A Joosr Guide to… Contagious by Jonah Berger

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What makes some messages go viral while others disappear without a trace? Is there a secret formula for creating contagious content? And how can you make people desperate to share your product, promotion, or idea with their friends?

The truth is that anything has the potential to go viral and what's more, that thing doesn't have to be cool, glamorous, or fashionable. So whether you're launching an advertising campaign, a brand new YouTube series, or a fundraising initiative, learn how to apply the secrets of viral content and make it contagious.

You will learn:

· The six special ingredients of viral content-and why they matter

· How to tell a story to make your message more shareable

· The specific types of emotion your content needs to provoke

· The key psychological motivator that makes people share content with others.
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    Social currency—messages that stimulate word-of-mouth discussions, endorsement, recommendations, and even debates among social groups.
    Triggers—environmental reminders that cause people to start talking about your message.
    Emotions—your message’s ability to make people feel something. Emotions make it more impactful, memorable, and shareable.
    Public—the more visible your message is, the more likely it is to catch on.
    Practical value—the perceived benefits or worth of your message. People like to share information that reflects well on them by making them look useful and helpful.
    Story—because they have familiar structures, stories make it much easier for people to process the information contained within your message
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    Ensuring that your message has social currency, and also utilizes everyday environmental triggers, will allow it to spread more naturally and powerfully among peer groups. So think about how to associate

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