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The Law of Wishing: Beyond the Law of Attraction

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The greatest instruction manual for getting anything you desire in your life

You CAN learn the art of Wish-craft!

Do you want to get a fantastic job?

Enter into a significant relationship with a beautiful partner?

Be called into the boss's office to be told you are the new boss?

How about winning the lottery? With wishing, the list is endless.

Learn where your Wish Chakra is and how to activate it Revealed the Buddha's teaching on wish-craft

Learn why Karma will only earn you a few tossed coins

This book is full of concrete proofs and tests for you to try.

How your parent have been unwitting partners in the cause against the teaching of Wish-craft.

Learn ALL the steps in employing The Law of Wishing

Discover the secret wish successful criminals make.

Why finding a mate using wish-craft works very fast.

What is the 'snow-ball effect' in Quantum wishing?

What is Concurrent Wishing and why will it help you get what you desire manifested sooner? Read it today!
Denne bog er ikke tilgængelig i øjeblikket
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