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Homemade House Cleaning Recipes

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The Best And Cost-Effective Homemade Cleaning Recipes All In One Collection

Are you looking to save money, cut down cost on cleaning products and migrate to a natural lifestyle? Do you seek to eliminate toxins and chemicals from your everyday products? Do you love the challenge of making your own homemade cleaners? If so, this book is for you!

Inside this book is an array of exciting DIY (Do It Yourself) projects that will save you money and eliminate toxic chemical cleaners from your home. You can make your own non-toxic cleaners using simple, cheap ingredients readily available around you.

Benefits of making your own house cleaning recipes are:

They really work ( Product effectiveness)
They save you money. ( Cost-effectiveness)
The ingredients are easy to put together and inexpensive. (Simplicity)
They are non-toxic and biodegradable (Eco friendly)
You can control the ingredients, which gives you the liberty to remove toxins found in most store bought household cleaners. (Product customization)

Check out the amazing things these listed items can do for you and your home: Snow, Borax, Baking soda, Washing soda, Olive oil, Salt, Lemon/Lime, Hydrogen peroxide, Herbs and many more inside. Click download to find out.

You will find DIY recipes for:

Living room

With homemade cleaners, it is possible to make cleaning safe and enjoyable. Clean your home for pennies less the safe non-toxic way.

Also, find out why you need to incorporate line drying in your laundry exercise.

Grab A Copy And Become A “Green Cleaner Today!”
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    Aleksandra Jankovićhar delt en vurderingfor 2 år siden


    Aleksandra Jankovićhar citeretfor 2 år siden

    1 lemon
    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 tablespoon water

    Cut lemon into half and squeeze out juice into a small jar.
    Add olive oil, water and tighten lid. Shake jar to mix content.
    Damp clean cloth with polish and use to wipe your furniture.
    You will need to make this polish each time you need it as it is perishable. Discard any remaining liquid.
    Aleksandra Jankovićhar citeretfor 2 år siden

    1 oz. rubbing alcohol or vodka
    6 oz distilled or filtered water
    20-40 drops essential oils (jasmine, lavender or citrus oils)

    Add ingredients to a spray bottle and shake up to mix.
    Spray around your home for instant freshness.
    This mix will last for atleast a month.
    Aleksandra Jankovićhar citeretfor 2 år siden

    1-2 cups water
    1 tablespoon white vinegar
    Baking soda

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