Elizabeth Thornton

Elizabeth Thornton is a British-Canadian writer of 31 historical romance novels and novellas. Her first book, Bluestocking Bride, was published by Zebra books in 1987. Thornton has been nominated and won numerous awards, including the Romantic Times Trophy Award for the best New Historical Regency Author and Best Historical Regency.

The real name of Elizabeth Thornton is Mary Forrest George, née Baxter. Elizabeth Thornton is her mother's name. Mary Forrest George was born and educated in Aberdeen, where she taught school for several years before establishing her nursery school, St. Swithin Street Nursery School, an institution that still exists today.

She and her husband then emigrated to Canada with their three young sons. On coming to a new country, Elizabeth Thornton continued her career in education by teaching elementary school for some years. Always active in her church, she became a Pastoral Assistant at First Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg, a position she said was the best job ever. Thornton left this position after 11 years just to become a full-time writer.

As part of her continuing education, she enrolled in evening classes at the University of Winnipeg to study Classical Greek. Five years later, having completed an Honor's thesis on Women in Euripides, she received her B.A. (Classics Gold Medalist). After reading her first romance, a Regency by Georgette Heyer, she was fascinated by the genre. Subsequently, writing became her hobby.

Her debut book, a small Regency, Bluestocking Bride, was published in 1987. In a few years, she achieved readership recognition and success.

Elizabeth Thornton has gained a reputation as an international best-selling author. Seven of her novels have been finalists in the Romance Writers of America Rita awards, Scarlet Angel, Strangers at Dawn, Princess Charming and The Perfect Princess, Shady Lady, The Marriage Trap, and The Bachelor Trap. Her books appear regularly on national best-selling lists and its translated into many languages.

Above all these career successes, Thornton was an active elder in First Presbyterian Church. She was also an enthusiastic fan of Harry Potter.

Elizabeth Thornton died on July 12, 2010, in Winnipeg, Canada.
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