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Elizabeth Thornton

Tender the Storm

The USA Today–bestselling author launches a dazzling Regency trilogy with a “fast-paced” novel “filled with tension, danger, and adventure” (Rendezvous).
Zoë Devereux is a fearless seventeen-year-old. Though disguised as a schoolgirl, when she is spirited out of France by Rolfe Brockford, marquess of Rivard, her life changes forever. Posing as a Revolutionary, Rolfe is on a mission to rescue innocents from the bloody horrors of the guillotine.
Once in London, Rolfe finds himself unwilling to abandon the waifish girl and shocks polite society by taking her as his bride—in name only. What began as a marriage of convenience quickly grows into something altogether different. But Rolfe and Zoë face countless challenges—from political intrigue to their own pride, jealousy, and fiercely guarded secrets. Now, as the strife in Europe hits its peak, two stubborn hearts must make the ultimate alliance.
“I consider Elizabeth Thornton a major find.” —Mary Balogh, New York Times–bestselling author of the Westcott Novels
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    Quick, Germaine! Fetch a glass of wine.”
    A strong arm supported Zoë. She lifted her lashes
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    sunshine. It had been done over in her mother’s favorite color, from pale primrose yellow
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    And the pity of it was that, had she done so, her anxieties these many weeks past would have been easier to bear.

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