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M.K. Hill

M.K. Hill is an English writer with a background in journalism and radio production. His work includes the Sasha Dawson series, the Ray Drake series, and several psychological thrillers.

Mark Hill started his career in media, earning him an award in music radio production. Since becoming a full-time writer, Mark Hill has built a reputation for crafting exciting thriller novels.

Hill began his literary career with the Ray Drake series. Two O'Clock Boy (2016) introduces readers to DI Ray Drake and a haunting shared secret. The sequel, It Was Her, continues the narrative with a complex web of murder and deception.

The Sasha Dawson series starts with The Bad Place (2020), a story about a traumatic past event that resurfaces with a new crime. The Woman In The Wood, the second book in the series, follows DI Dawson as she unravels a mystery tied to a reality TV star's ruined career.

In One Bad Thing (2022), Hill explores the life of Hannah Godley, an agony aunt whose past misdeed catches up with her unexpectedly and menacingly. A key theme of the novel is guilt, consequences, and the inescapability of one's actions.

His latest work is a high-stakes thriller, Zero Kill (2023), which introduces Elsa Zero, an ex-deep cover agent and single mother caught up in a dangerous conspiracy.

M.K. Hill lives in London.

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