M.K. Hill

Zero Kill

Meet Elsa Zero: Bad neighbour. Single mother. Ex-deep cover agent.
And right now, the most dangerous person on Earth.

When Elsa's dull but dedicated boyfriend proposes in a packed restaurant, she doesn't think her evening can get any worse.
But as the clock strikes midnight, her world is turned upside down. Suddenly Elsa is running for her life, trying to keep her children safe, and desperate to discover what the hell is going on.
Every intelligence agency in the world wants her dead because she's in possession of a deadly secret — she just has to stay alive long enough to figure out what it is.
But this is Elsa Zero we're talking about.
And it's a very bad idea to get on her wrong side.
Bursting with tension, twists and humour, this is a brilliantly unique action-thriller, perfect for fans of Killing Eve, Lee Child and shows like Hunted.
Praise for M.K. Hill:
'A belter of a thriller.' Peter James
'I genuinely had no nails left by the end!' Lisa Hall
'A tense and twisted page-turner.' Susi Holliday
'Thoroughly enjoyable.' Daily Mail
'An addictive read that pulled me in and didn't let go.' Cass Green
'Absorbing and twisty' Mark Edwards
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