Alicia Chrysostomou

Alicia Chrysostomou is an Irish academic and polymer expert. She has published books Strange Superstitions and Curious Customs of the Ancient World (2006) and The Chronicles of Cerberus (2019).

With a robust educational background, Chrysostomou holds a Degree, MSc, and PhD in polymer science, technology, and engineering from London Metropolitan University.

Her academic journey began in her native Ireland and has since taken her to esteemed positions in the UK and abroad, including a senior lecturer role at London Metropolitan University and a lecturing stint at Waikato University in New Zealand.

Her expertise extends beyond the classroom. As a freelance consultant and lecturer, she offers her in-depth knowledge of polymers to organizations like the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and the Bank of England.

Her lectures have reached audiences in diverse settings, from the Tower of London and the Royal Society to schools across the UK. Chrysostomou has also contributed to the field through educational units for Pearson’s Education and served as a rubber expert for a BBC documentary series.

In her recent book, Plastics: Just a Load of Rubbish?: Re-evaluating Plastic and Its Role in Saving the Environment (2023), Chrysostomou tackles the contentious subject of plastics with a nuanced perspective.

The book seeks to provide a balanced view, examining whether the push against plastics might inadvertently harm the environment and whether a shift in perspective is needed to recognize the potential of plastics in fostering environmental stewardship.

Chrysostomou presents case studies and scientific data to challenge prevalent misconceptions, suggesting that an informed understanding of plastics is crucial for making environmentally sound choices. Her work emphasizes the need to embrace the positive aspects of plastics while being critically aware of their impact.

Alicia Chrysostomou currently resides in London with her family.
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