Alicia Chrysostomou

Plastics: Just a Load of Rubbish

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Are plastics really the enemy in our fight to save the planet?Encouraged by media stories and government targets, many of us are making well-meaning attempts to forgo the use of plastics in a bid to save the environment. But are we inadvertently at risk of doing more harm than good? Are there other factors in play needing equal consideration? Plastics: Just a Load of Rubbish? examines the history and usage of the multi-faceted material that is plastic and asks some challenging questions both of the material and of ourselves. Could it be that our push for materials that are anything but plastic can actually cause more harm to the planet? Do we in fact need a paradigm shift in our outlook? Can plastics in fact further our desire to become better environmentally protective citizens?
Along the way this book seeks to enlighten and entertain with fascinating facts about this much maligned material. So if you’ve ever wondered what exactly is a bioplastic, why some but not all plastics can be recycled and the role a clumsy cat played in the development of early plastics, then read on.
Just how much do we really know about this material? Maybe now it’s time to learn more.
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