Nerissa Marie

Nerissa Marie is a self-help author, children's book author, motivational speaker and naturopath, focusing strongly on personal development. Her vision is to empower and inspire all to embrace their divine nature. She sends blessings and smiles to all who surround her. Her children's books and bedtime stories for kids are great for conscious children, and parents who want to encourage their kids to embrace themselves and shine brightly.

Nerissa Marie loves writing positive, inspirational children's books to help your child shine bright! Laughter, joy, and self-love feature in all her kids books. Her creativity, vivid imagination and positive attitude inspire her as a children's book author to bring joy, mindfulness and love to all.

As an early reader she adored the characters and joy that sprung to life from the pages of her favourite kids books. This passion for reading motivated her to create inspirational bedtime stories and children's books that promote positivity, meditation, mindfulness, confidence, courage and healthy self-esteem.

She visualises a peaceful planet Earth where all beings are live in harmony. Where all are accepted and encouraged. Where healing our heart is a priority and speaking our truth comes naturally. With all beings feeling safe and loved. Life is a gift, and it's so important that we all come together to help each other rise and discover the truth of our eternal nature, Divine Love.

We all have the power to change the world and it's Nerissa Marie's passion to empower early readers through inspirational kids books. She also loves to inspire adults to feel safe in the present moment, accepting where they are at and feeling peace in the now.

She dedicates her writing to co-creating a peaceful and compassionate world. A world embracing service to humanity, spiritual healing, love for all, and joy. Her goal is to serve universal spirit and realise eternal love.

As so many gifted, indigo children and sensitive children are present on the planet Nerissa Marie creates children books with positive intentions and bedtime stories for kids who are looking for children's books filled with adventure stories for kids, positive messages, affirmations, and inspirational stories. Books for kids filled with short moral stories of love, joy, mindfulness meditation, positive thinking and affirmations. Positive short moral stories for kids are a gentle way to encourage self-worth and self-love.

'Life is powered by your divine light, sparkle like the sun and always have fun! Believe in the magic of you!' - Nerissa Marie

*Princess Kate Meditates: Children's book about Mindfulness Meditation for Kids (Short Moral Stories for Kids, Dream Bedtime Stories for Kids, Kids Picture Book, Kids Book, Kids Reading Books for Kids)
*Thomas Discovers The Purpose Of Life: (Children's book about a Life Purpose, Short Moral Stories for Kids, Dream Bedtime Stories for Kids, Kids Picture Book, Kids Books, Kids Reading Books for Kids)
*Princess Plum Learns Positive Thinking (Short Moral Stories For Kids) Kids Books - Adventure Dream Bedtime Stories For Kids - Children Books - Kids Reading - Children's Picture Books - Children's Book
*Other books and stories available on Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, IBook store all good retailers and NerissaMarie.com

*Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
*Mindfulness Meditation
*Inner Calm
*Happiness and Joy
*World Peace

* Princess Kate Meditates
* Thomas Discovers The Purpose of Life
* Princess Plum Learns Positive Thinking

*Paris Mafia Princess

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