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Poetry – I Still Love You (Inspirational Love Poems on Life, Poetry Books, Spiritual Poems, Poetry Books, Love Poems, Poetry Books, Inspirational Poems, Poetry Books, Love Poems, Poetry Books, Poetry)

I Still Love You, is a poetry book created with the intention that you may adventure within to find happiness, and discover the confidence and courage to shine bright! This glorious poetry inspires inner strength, compassion and courage.
This is a magical poetry book filled with enchanting illustrations. The raw poems embrace life’s challenges and the beauty beyond our conscious mind. Poetry to awaken the illuminated love that is all pervading, ever present and resides within you.
Poetry that floats into the astral realms looking for love and life purpose. Bringing home connection, humility, compassion, happiness and eternal love.
This poetry book is especially great for conscious people, who wish to embrace themselves and shine bright as can be!

Poetry to illuminate the soul
Poetry encouraging self-love and self-healing
Love poems
Poems on life
Inspirational poems
Romantic love poems
Poems about life
Short romantic poems
Short love poems
In love poems
Spiritual poems
Poems about love
Romantic poetry

This is a great inspirational poetry book to share with friends and family.


Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
Mindfulness and Meditation
Inner Calm
Happiness and Joy
Compassionate Living
Service to humanity

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    Good book just made me sad.


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    Lost in a mirror, crying a river
    surrendering fear
    Whilst you are always here
    For You
    Suspended in the air,
    you sit and sparkle there
    and I just sit and stare
    Your gravitational pull, keeps my heart full
    Though your light shines down upon me
    Though I long to touch thee
    I know you no longer love me
    So I must embrace natures cruel fate,
    to watch you glitter,
    whilst I wither
    Fading in the shadows
    My heart has broken
    Your name is now unspoked
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    But when darkness creeps upon me at night,
    it’s then I search for you in light
    b8619617004har citeretfor 5 måneder siden
    I lit the candle
    Its yellow glow spoke of trust
    The martyr gave me faith,
    to place my hands in yours
    To trust that you heard my suffering
    That you believed in the betrayal I endured
    I did it for you
    I trusted in you
    I lied for you
    I threw my soul to the floor
    I maintained I had no worth at all

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