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John was born in Southern Rhodesia, went to Plumtree School in Rhodesia, fought in the bush war and did journalism in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. He completed his articles to become a Chartered Accountant in Zimbabwe and lived in Salisbury/Harare throughout his youth in an exquisite family household, with a lovely garden and his cats. On the surface of a stereotypical existence and one that belies the vortex of lunacy and criminality, his life devolved into a nutcase of the first order who found enlightenment in, of all places, the concrete jungle that is London. Therefrom his existence became four-dimensional, metaphysical and included multiple travel and living in all four corners of the world, romantic love, fatherhood – and a book.



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His life has been an attempt to accomplish the task of living poetically.
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Put simply, it is essential to break with a system based on a single motive—the perpetual accumulation of capital, and hence economic growth without end. Such a break is a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for the creation of a new ecological civilization.
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