“The strangest, most original book to ever come out of Africa and possibly the most important”
This is a tale of redemption after a descent into the ether – set against a primal African backdrop; it purports to be a good read but also to have redeeming social value by providing insight into the solution of a fatal and universal malady – by turns humorous, dark, historically informative and, just possibly, uplifting. Briefly, the story, given in monologue by an ‘anti- hero’, begins in eastern Zimbabwe with ‘the drinking night that had everything’, including a brush with death via car accident. It sets the tragic-comic theme of alcoholism in a setting that is luxurious, exotic and violent. The narrative maintains momentum throughout and connects the disparateness of crime, killing, genius and sainthood through a sequence of travel to all corners of the world. There is a strong metaphysical overprint to this true-life journey and the readers will come out the other side able to identify, at some level with the text, somewhat refreshed, enlightened and made stronger in their life’s affirmation. In essence, this is the purpose of Buffoon and the basis of its claim to be one of a kind. It is also a love story. Response to date from 20–30 readers of ages varying from 25–85, including eight different nationalities, essentially the ‘intelligent layman’ (architect/lawyer/surgeons/businessmen), has been astonishing.
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