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Debajani Mohanty

Ripple and Stablecoins: Building Banks of Tomorrow: Use Cases on International Remittance, Capital, and Money Markets, based on Swaps, Micropayments, Trade Finance, Islamic Finance, and Stablecoins

The book is written for all IT professionals. It starts with the loopholes existing in the banking as well as payment industry, especially in the international remittance space, that have led to the invention of Bitcoin, a Blockchain product, followed by Ethereum, and finally Ripple. The book focuses on Ripple’s architecture and the different open source and enterprise products offered by Ripple, which have been widely adopted by the global payment industry today. For developers, there are adequate examples covering Ripple’s development APIs with different features such as instant payment, partial payment, escrow, checks, and micropayment. In later chapters, the book reviews different use cases on money market, e-auction, trade finance, swaps, etc., which will help you greatly to use Ripple and create new business models for international trading. In last few chapters, the book focuses on some of the leading Stablecoins such as JPM Coin, Libra, and Tether that are threatening to disrupt the finance industry. Use cases on tokenization and Stablecoins are discussed, especially in Islamic banking, which is an area less travelled by industry leaders. Finally, the book elaborates how Ripple has invaded the global market and lists the major players in this space so far.
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