Debajani Mohanty

Blockchain From Concept to Execution

Today, the Blockchain comes with many variations, including shared ledger, distributed ledger, mutable ledger, etc. In addition to that, there are adjoining technologies as the layer-2 setup and low code environments for smart contracts. Knowing them all and matching the individual’s requirements is a must for the future IT industry.

“Blockchain From Concept to Execution” is thoughtfully designed to match the need of the students and experts alike.

Phase I covers the most widely adopted Blockchains of today. The first chapter starts with the very basic concepts of Blockchain that everyone should learn. The remaining chapters of this phase discuss some of the most popular Blockchains of today.

Phase II further looks over the popular public inter-operable Blockchains in the market. It also explores the competitive study between the different public Blockchains and inter-operable Blockchains.

Phase III illustrates the private permissioned DLTs that are adopted by the organizations. The final chapter in this phase also comes with a comparative study to help the reader choose one over the other.

Phase IV describes some of the most popular industry use cases as of today.

Phase V gives a guideline on how an industry can fast-track the Blockchain adoption and some research area of tomorrow.
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