Tess Read

Look After The Pennies

In today's cash-strapped times, watching what you spend has never been more important to so many people. Look After The Pennies is the essential handbook for Austerity Britain, offering practical, user-friendly advice on how to live your life in the most money-friendly way possible. The book includes sections on: • ideas for keeping household expenses low • savvy supermarket shopping • tips on tackling clothing sales • suggestions for cheap social activities • making the most of money-off vouchers • buying a property without breaking the bank • getting your water, gas and electricity for less • travel tips and holidays. The possibilities are endless! Informed by the results of extensive research and the specialist expertise of author Tess Read – finance journalist, former Bank of England employee and cash-savvy mother of three – this book has the ideas, solutions and know-how to save you a bundle of cash.
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    As you walk round the shop dont look too interested in or excited by anything in particular.

    2. Ask the price of three items in turn; you arent interested in the first two items but the third one is the one you actually want. Now youve got a decent first price to work with, but still bargain from this.
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    Although you can get some great offers by signing up to voucher sites, sign up to too many and you can be tempted too often it can be a good idea
  • b2319466516har citeretfor 2 år siden
    If we turn away from the retailers plan to make us always desire the new, we can spend less, buy less, but have more.

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