Robin Sacredfire

Think and Focus Like a Star: Boost Yourself and Discover How to Excel, Win and Be Famous

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In Think and Focus Like a Star, the author shares his insights and thoughts related to success and the ability to achieve it every single time, whether it’s in painting, drawing, playing music, writing books, or most important, believing that you have the right to win and be famous when you’re constantly reminded that no one cares about your talents or expects you to overcome your barriers.

Too often we approach our lives' biggest challenges with self-doubt and negative anticipations, and then abandon our dreams with regret. But by accessing our personal power, we can achieve a state of awareness, also known as the zone, in which we stop worrying about the impression made on others and instead  adjust to our ideal self.

We don’t need to be better than anyone else and gain recognition or fame in order to realize how it feels to be a star. Instead, we need to cultivate our talents, our qualities and our most honest thoughts.

The author has made many people successful with what he knows and has also learned what success and fame meant in his life. He has won many competitions with his music, illustrations and paintings, apart from being widely known as a bestselling author and speaker. But more importantly, he has also formed talented winners in areas in which he isn’t experienced.

Now he presents his exciting science of dominating the skills of the most successful to excel at arts and sports by showing the common but simple paradigms and important patterns that we tend to neglect and ignore, and teaches us how to use them to empower ourselves and perform at our best even in high-pressure moments.

This book is filled with stories of individuals who deal with these issues in a daily basis. It will allow the reader to acquire an approach to his biggest challenges with more confidence and understanding regarding what to do and how while being at his best.
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