Marcus Darkley

BDSM Collection 2

Another red hot collection from Master Marcus Darkley. More Cheating wives, deprived milfs and sub wives: 
• Irresistible: When their teenage son finally brought a girl home to meet his parents, his cougar mum Cindy had to have the innocent cutey. 
• Shared: Housewife Caroline was already owned by her former boyfriend, Dom Gavin. Now he was upping the ante. She was going to realise that her body was his to do with as he wished. 
• Family Ties: Kayleigh is going to experience her first full-on, no holds barred BDSM session. Suspended from her own bedroom ceiling, she was surprised by her grown up daughter, Kate. Pretty soon the daughter was stripped, spanked and taken roughly. 
• Park Pick Up: Sebastien lived for pleasure. Up in the North of England to start a new business enterprise, he discovered a gold mine in Hull in the form of all the young single mothers. They combined his favourite pleasures in one package; young, innocent, persuadable woman who expressed milk! 
• Proxy Punishment: Arms dealer Darren was on top of his game. An all-expenses paid trip to his customer's Middle Eastern country seemed the ideal way to treat his teenage daughter. Things got even better when Darren was offered the use of a gorgeous Arabian girl. Then he crossed a line when he tried to take Zamora with him. His fortunes rapidly changed and Sophie became the subject of the Sheikh's attentions. 
• Roughly Taken: Sexy socialite Emma’s life it suddenly went wrong after damaging her husband's brand new car. Then her personal cheque for the repairs bounced and her husband couldn't find out! So when a burly mechanic turned up, to claim the money and some recompense, a new chapter in the naïve young woman's life began; taking her from frump to slut.
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