Jodi Walker

Planning a Civil Ceremony Wedding

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Are you getting married? Do you plan on having a civil ceremony? Are you at a loss about where to begin? Well, help is at hand. Planning a Civil Ceremony Wedding will guide you through everything you need to know from the engagement to organising the big day itself. Weddings are happy events but arranging the day can be stressful and there is so much to think about that it can seem overwhelming, not to mention dealing with family and friends, all with their own opinions on how things should be done. This book tells you how to have the wedding that you want and the steps to take to get there with the least amount of fuss — all it takes is a little planning. Written by a wedding enthusiast who has recently organised her own special day, this book covers all aspects of planning a civil ceremony wedding from announcing the day to the marriage ceremony itself. Packed with helpful hints and suggestions, this book is all you need to help you plan your own perfect day.
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