Peter Hollins


Control your brain so it doesn’t control you. A science-based approach to getting things done and avoiding laziness and procrastination.

Our brains are not wired for goal achievement. They are wired only for speed, survival, and the present moment. It’s time to defeat this primal tendency and make self-discipline your new normal.

Stop leaving tasks unstarted and/or unfinished. You’re better than that.

Neuro-Discipline tells the tale of two battling brains, and why we are predisposed to laziness and energy conservation. Time after time, we take the path of least resistance to our detriment. The key to beating this is understanding the brain’s imperatives and working with them. Neuro-Discipline is your layperson’s guide to self-discipline success — just enough biology and psychology to give important context, while ensuring that you don’t get stuck in the minutiae.

This isn’t a textbook; it has over 20 actionable tips you can use TODAY.

Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with dozens of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience.

Learn to beat your temptations, excuses, and weaknesses.

•Learn about the two brains and the two versions of you that are always locked in battle.
How to trick the brain for action and productivity without working against it.
•The role of dopamine and how we can simulate it for our own purposes.
How to talk to yourself and design your environment to stay on track.
•Reframing excuses and dissecting your emotional reactions.
How to create a calm mind for ruthless execution.

Discomfort, boredom, frustration, and laziness are temporary. Self-discipline is forever.

We aren’t meant to lie in bed and relax. We are meant to pursue our goals and find satisfaction and fulfillment. Along the way, self-discipline is the most required ingredient. The ability to do unpleasant and uncomfortable things is what determines how our lives play out. How will you live your life?

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    Ezra Gibránhar citeretsidste måned
    need to change the nature of our thoughts and even our approach toward self-discipline
    Ezra Gibránhar citeretsidste måned
    Our brains change according to what they’re most familiar with
    Ezra Gibránhar citeretsidste måned
    What’s the point of mentioning Hebb’s axiom? It is to demonstrate that our thoughts and internal monologue have real power. Whatever we end up telling ourselves time after time ends up reflecting reality. It’s not just a coincidence. Better yet, this is something we actually have control over.

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