Alexander Lowen

Love, Sex and Your Heart

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Love, Sex, & Your Heart elucidates how emotional life and physical being
are one, mutually reflective as two sides of a coin. Emotional life is tied to physical being and physical health is dependent on emotional well-being.
Alexander Lowen’s insight into these powerful connections offers
an innovative approach to cardiovascular health and the treatment of heart disease.
Lowen examines the feeling of love as a physiological process in the body.
When this process is frustrated, as in the case of heartbreak or isolation,
especially during childhood, people suppress their pain by unconsciously
rigidifying their chest muscles. This results in a chronic restriction of breathing, movement, and feeling. It is this tension that limits pleasure, and predisposes so many to heart disease.
This book features the principles and therapeutic techniques to help people
understand their fear of love, release chronic muscular tension, and become
more loving. It is essential reading for health professionals and anyone
interested in the health of the heart.
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    ana silagavahar citeretfor 9 måneder siden
    It is the purpose of this book to elucidate these connections so that the reader may see how his emotional life is tied to his physical being and how his physical health is dependent on his emotional well-being. It is my hope that understanding the causes of the fear of love will help the reader become a more loving person, thus ensuring the health of his heart. Without such knowledge, all our efforts to ensure the health of our hearts fail to go to the core of the problem
    Олег Поляковhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    we wish to understand illness, especially chronic illness, we must use a holistic approach and look at the person as well as his organs.
    Олег Поляковhar citeretfor 2 år siden
    All depressive reactions have their roots in a loss of love that has not been properly mourned.

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