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David Neenan,Eric Lucas

No Excuses

In a lifetime of achievement---creating a major commercial construction company, raising a family, traveling the world and teaching the principles of success to thousands---David Neenan treasures most his mistakes, failures and troubles. When his company faced a loss greater than his net worth, David learned how to lead an effective organization. When an immune disorder made it almost impossible to stand, he learned how to heal himself. When he was 10,000 miles from home doing mindless work, he learned how to gain vision. These lessons are the keys to accomplishment and meaning. In each case, David found there are no shortcuts to success. Meaningful happiness derives from taking responsibility for your own life---and accomplishment has value only when it is reached with integrity, love, humor and faith in the wonderful dance of life. “No Excuses” describes David’s challenges, failures and lessons through personal stories that portray a colorful life. Readers will hear how a simple pair of shoes led to a crucial realization at an early age. How he made peace with a childhood catastrophe at his father’s grave. And how only embracing life’s struggles every day brings meaning and joy. David believes we all want that---and we are the only ones responsible for achieving it.
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    Ola Kolasahar delt en vurderingsidste år
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    Really good book. Great value inside. Great wisdom.


    b3743467737har citeretsidste år
    When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. —Viktor Frankl
    b3743467737har citeretsidste år
    everything I've learned is the result of action I've taken
    b3743467737har citeretsidste år
    It's your choice—stay put and filter-feed, or let go of your holdfast and get going. Give love, learn as much as you can, honor your family and friends, and help improve the beautiful world we share.
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