Elaine Raco Chase

Video Vixen (Romantic Comedy)

Meet Vixen Mallory — the most downloaded, fully clothed woman on the Internet!

Welcome to Sodom's Crossing just south of the equator — well actually downtown Manhattan! From her billboard in Times Square to her rare vertical photos in Playboy — the world was finding it easy to be Vixen-ized!

Shy actress Vicki Kirkland dazzled as cable-televisions most sexy, unscrupulous siren on the world's leading soap opera. When investigative journalist Dan Falkner appeared — the entire cast of Always Tomorrow joined together to make sure he wouldn't find out their personal secrets.

Vixen-Vikki was the bait to gaslight the journalist.

There was just one problem — Vikki never imagined how easy it would be to enjoy being a vixen and take what she wanted. And she wanted Dan Falkner!
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