Munindra Misra

Kabir Couplets

Kabir Couplets in English rhyme written by Munindra Misra and are presented with the original text.

Kabir’s poetic personality variously defined be;

By the religious traditions that revere him truly;

For Sikhs a precursor, interlocutor of Nanak be,

Muslims a Sufi, Hindus a Vaishnavee devotee;

आये है तो जायेगा, राजा रंक फकीर।
एक सिंहासन चढ़ि चले, एक बांधे जंजीर॥
Who has come will go, be king, pauper, beggar surely,
One sitting on a throne, other chained by creed plainly.

ऐसी बाणी बोलिये, मन का आपा खोइ।
अपना तन सीतल करै, औरन को सुख होइ॥
Speak words that win hearts and the ego lost be,
Your body cool and calm, the others too are happy.

कबीरा सो धन संचिये, जो आगे कूं होए।
सीस चढ़ाये पोटली, ले जात न देख्या कोए॥
Kabir accumulate wealth which useful in future be,
On head bags of riches worldly not seen taking be.
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