Munindra Misra

Bhagwat Gita – Its Essence

Bhagwat Gita — Its Essence in simple English rhyme are teaching of Lord Krishna to Arjun when had becoming dejected in the battle field on facing his very own kith and kin and did not want to fight. The Bhagwat Gita presents practically the easiest spiritual solution to the naughtiest and mightiest mundane problems of human life. It very sweetly and fondly shows the most attractive path for salvation out of it, and thus makes life worth living and finally enables the person to achieve self-realisation.

Gita and Ramayana are perhaps the sum total of the fabrics of Hinduism (a way of life).

The Gita (song) are teaching by Divine or ancient revered holy rishis teaching both metaphysics and practice of disciplined action. They proclaims that life is worth living, teaches how it should be lived and the path to self-realisation. They are the cream of the Upanishads, which themselves are the core of the Four Vedas.
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