Willa Cather

My Ántonia

When Jim Burden writes a memoir of his childhood in Black Hawk, Nebraska, his story keeps returning to Ántonia—the Bohemian immigrant girl who became his closest friend. Together, Jim and Ántonia endured heartbreaks and hardships on the Nebraska frontier, developing a deep bond that lasted across the years. Looking back, Jim tries to sort reality from nostalgia and come to terms with his feelings for Ántonia—realizing what she truly meant to him. Taken from the 1918 edition with illustrations by W. T. Benda, this is an unabridged version of American author Willa Cather's historical tale that explores the experience of growing up as a pioneer.
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    twisted up stiffly, like little horns.
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    Another lantern came along.
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    stood holding oil-cloth bundles

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