Duncan McGeary

Death of an Immortal

The most powerful and feared vampire disappeared at the height of his powers and passed into legend. Most vampires think he's dead. He is not dead. Terrill has gone into hiding to evade his bitter enemy's wrath, and has vowed never to kill another human. But one night his vampire nature reasserts itself, and he kills an innocent young woman.

Instead of running, he sets out to make amends. His quest for redemption goes terribly wrong, and Terrill finds himself reduced to hiding in woodsheds and caves. Soon both humans and vampires are chasing him. His only hope lies in the most downtrodden of men and women, and in the mercy of a girl who has little reason to forgive him, and every reason to hate him.

«If you like your undead to be more Fright Night than Twilight, Duncan McGeary's Vampire Evolution Trilogy will be your cup of gore.» ~ Steve Perry, New York Times Bestselling Author of Men in Black, The Mask, and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
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