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Herbs for Health and Healing

Herbs and spices that help you heal various health conditions: Diabetes- Eat this regularly and keep complete control of your blood sugar and help with Arthritis, Cholesterol and more---- Cancer-Use these Proven recipes, complete details provided, from world renowned research scientists and medical doctors to be Cancer Free! Cold and Flu- Learn about this new herb, commonly not known in the west, to cure cold and Flu. Weight Loss- These Seven foods will do the weight-Loss work for you! Blood Pressure-Learn about this amazing herb to treat High B.P. Heart Health- This simple home made recipe will unclog your arteries. Table of Contents 1. World's longest serving physician, and educator! 2. Nature's Premium Nutrient for Healthy Blood Sugar 3. Cinnamon and Honey 4. The Cure For All Cancers-New sources recently added for Dr. Hulda Clark 5. Late Dr Johanna Budwig's Recipe to Fight Cancer 6. Hydrogen Peroxide and its common Uses 7. Cure For Cold / Flu and More! 8. Triphala – wonderful herb-blend of 3 fruits. 9. These 7 Foods will Do the Weight-Loss Work for You. 10. Ashwagandha 11. Ginger 12. Turmeric 13. Banaba Extract 14. Garlic 15. Ginsing 16. Home made recipe will unclog your arteries! 17. Final Reminder
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