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Philip H.Friedman

The Forgiveness Solution

“An inspiring and practical guide that assists individuals on working through the rigorous task of releasing even the darkest of emotions.” —Caroline Myss, New York Times-bestselling author
The Forgiveness Solution is an interpersonal guide that will teach you to find joy and happiness in the journey of forgiveness. Rediscover who you are and transform into the best version of yourself through this simple yet profound process.
Unforgiveness includes grievances, judgments, and attack thoughts towards others, ourselves, and our circumstances. The Forgiveness Solution is an easy to learn, practical and integrative process whereby you learn to shift and release your perceptions, attitudes, images, energy, and distressing feelings (anger, guilt, hurt, shame, anxiety, panic, trauma, etc.) and simultaneously re-empower yourself by choosing and deciding to forgive.
Dr. Friedman introduces you to the new, highly effective healing techniques of Transformational Forgiveness and Energetic Forgiveness. Packed within this book are powerful exercises, tools, and techniques that show you exactly how to forgive rather than just talking about forgiveness.
The Forgiveness Solution shows you how to:Feel an authentic sense of peace and contentmentChange your viewpoint of any situationTake control of your emotional response to the events happening around youConnect with your inner wellbeing and grow into the best version of yourself
“A comprehensive and powerful book that teaches hurt people to recover their center and let go of painful wounds and grievances.” —Dr. Fred Luskin, author of Forgive for Good
“A wealth of forgiveness techniques and processes that skillfully blends science, spirituality, and clinical practice into a seamless garment of love, peace, strength, and resilience.” —Colin Tipping, author of Radical Forgiveness
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  • kkpgh8jxxjhar citeretsidste måned
    releasing an unpleasant emotion that is based on a perception
  • kkpgh8jxxjhar citeretsidste måned
    having benevolent feelings toward someone or some situation that you previously perceived harmed you
  • b6387315609har citeretfor 2 år siden
    s this significant person, receive what you have just been told. Let it in. Reflect back the facts and the feelings that you heard yourself express
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