Emma Woolf

An Apple a Day

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«I haven’t tasted chocolate for over ten years and now I’m walking down the street unwrapping a Kit Kat. Remember when Kate Moss said, ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’? She’s wrong: chocolate does.»

For Christmas I’m giving myself a fresh start. I have to get some extra pounds of weight under my belt; I want to make next year the year that everything changes.

At the age of 32, Emma Woolf decided to face the biggest challenge of her life: to let go of her addiction to hunger, exercise and control, and finally beat anorexia. Having met the man of her dreams (and wanting a future and a baby together), she decided it was time to stop starving and start living. And as if that wasn’t enough pressure, Emma also agreed to chart her progress in a weekly column for The Times.

Honest, hard-hitting and yet romantic, 'An Apple a Day' is a compelling and life-affirming true story of love and recovery.
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Bahar Gençtürk
Bahar Gençtürkhar delt en vurderingfor 3 år siden

Finished reading in two days. Gives great insight into an anorexic mind.

Amalie Marie Vennike
Amalie Marie Vennikehar delt en vurderingsidste år
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cvrritchiehar citeretsidste år
And this is why they call anorexia the 'deadliest of mental illnesses'; this is why the mortality rate is so high and the recovery rate so low. Because we feel that feeding ourselves is 'giving in'
Amalie Marie Vennike
Amalie Marie Vennikehar citeretfor 2 år siden
People leave you, people die: what can you rely on, really?

Far better to stay on your guard, far better to know that you can cope when things go wrong.
Tania Talanova
Tania Talanovahar citeretfor 2 år siden
As this year ends I've been looking back and looking forward.

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