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Colm O'Connor

The Awakening

The Awakening presents a profound yet simple message: how to awaken from emotional imprisonment and find psychological freedom.Many of us feel we are not living life to the full or living it as we should. Haunted by anxiety, we long for lifelines that can lift us out of the mundane into what Seamus Heaney called 'the marvellous'. If you feel like this, then The Awakening may be for you.Drawing on the wisdom of ancient Ireland and using the symbol of the Celtic Cross as an image for how to live, Dr O'Connor shows us that we inhabit both a vertical and a horizontal life, which intersect where the eternal breaks into the everyday and ordinary activities are infused with an extraordinary purpose.Taking you beyond mindfulness and introducing delightful new concepts like 'Mind-Flight', this book uncovers the sparkling jewels buried in the rubble of life's indifference. You can turn a tiny space into a palace, a misfortune into an opportunity, a disability into a blessing and fly when life expects you to fall. The Awakening, like the first light at Newgrange, will illuminate the hidden blessings in what may seem to be your darkened life.
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