Elle London,Daniella Fetish,Selena Black

Erotic Lactation Bundle

Milked By My Boss

When Sarah's pregnancy progresses, she is sure her boss will tell her to take time off. After all, her stomach is growing, her breasts are swollen, and her hormones are through the roof. Contrary to her beliefs, he seems insistent on keeping her on board — specifically, in his board room.

One night she is asked to work late, and he makes her a clear offer — a big bonus, straight away, if she allows him to take what he so desperately desires…

Milking The Servant

When his maid confesses she’s fallen pregnant, Lord Sinclair promises to keep her on at his home. It’s not only for her benefit, despite her charmingly naive expectations. 

Lord Sinclair is determined to use his servant to fulfil one of the very few fantasies he still hasn't induldged in, and he is suprised by just how obedient his servant can be….

Paid To Be Milked

Molly is a 20 year old woman who’s 4 months pregnant and starting to lactate. 

She's pregnant, and doesn’t know how she’s going to support herself and her future child. That is until she meets Brad, a young businessman who makes her a shocking offer she can’t refuse. Not only does he want to milk her, but he never plans on letting her go — even if it means breeding her.
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