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In Pleasure: A Creative Approach to Life, Alexander Lowen shows how the
experience of pleasure or pain determines our emotions, thinking, and behavior. Examining the psychology and the biology of pleasure, he explores
its roots in the nature of the body and shows that emotional health means
that we are in a state of pleasure – that is, we feel good in our bodies.
Lowen describes pleasure as the creative force in life and as the only force
strong enough to oppose the potential destructiveness of power. In most
adults, the struggle for power competes with the striving for pleasure, causing
chronic muscular tensions, and undermining creativity. Through case studies
illustrating the use of Bioenergetic Analysis, Lowen shows how people can reconnect to their bodies and restore a mind-body balance, regaining natural
spontaneity and the capacity for pleasure and creativity.
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    The body, as opposed to the ego, desires pleasure, not power.
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    aggressive component is often added to these feelings, transforming them into specific actions. The sexual act requires this addition for copulation to occur. When an aggressive element is joined to a hostile feeling, it results in an attack or an assault, which differs from the purely hostile reaction of turning cold.

    The word “aggressive” is used psychologically as the opposite of passive. Aggressive means to move toward a person or object, whereas the word “passive” denotes an inhibition
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    makes pleasure possible. We have seen that without a commitment to work, there is no pleasure in work. It is equally important that a person commit himself to a relationship if he is to enjoy that relationship

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