R.M. Lewis

Investing – The Beginner's Guide to Investing

Learn How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Investing. We Will Take it From the Very Beginning to Help You Build the Foundation of Knowledge That All Rich Investors Have.

Investing is very simple; investing means putting your money to work for you. Essentially, it's a different way to think about how to make money. Growing up, most of us were taught that you can earn an income only by getting a job and working. And that's exactly what most of us do. There's one big problem with this: if you want more money, you have to work more hours. However, there is a limit to how many hours a day we can work, not to mention the fact that having a bunch of money is no fun if we don't have the leisure time to enjoy.

In This Book You'll Learn…
•    What is investing
•    The golden rule of investing
•    How to understand the principles of compounding interest
•    Different investment strategies, depending on your age and goals
•    How to diversify your portfolio
•    Which types of stocks will produce the most money in the long term
•    How to invest for the short term
•    And much more…

Putting aside the technical, “how to”, formal education you'll need in order to succeed with investing, in this book, the author will also take you to a deep journey into yourself and teach you how to build confidence in yourself, gain faith in the process, and leveraging your resources.

The Best Time to Invest is Always NOW and if You Apply Everything in This Book, So We Hope You'll Get Started After Reading This Book!
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  • rui xinhar citeretfor 7 måneder siden
    If there’s anything in the whole world of mutual funds that you can take to the bank, it’s that expense ratios help you make a better decision. In every single time period and data point tested, low-cost funds beat high-cost funds
  • rui xinhar citeretfor 7 måneder siden
    limit the cost of your transaction to no more than 1 percent of the amount of stock you’re buying
  • rui xinhar citeretfor 7 måneder siden
    Dividends can account for as much as one-third of market returns and the steady income comforts investors during volatile periods. Beware of high-yield stocks, and investing in

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