Laura Lovecraft

Mom Always Makes It Better

Ryan's not happy even though he knows he should be. He has a sweet sexy girlfriend in Amy, a girl most guys would love to have, but then again most guys have never had sex with their mother. Ryan's mom first seduced him on his eighteenth birthday and they have been having sex for the past couple of years. But Mom has a rule and that is she wants Ryan to meet a girl his age to be happy with and when he does she will no longer sleep with him.So as sweet as Amy is, Ryan has begun to lose interest in her because all he wants is to be able to be with his mom. When Amy catches Ryan watching mother son sex videos, she is disgusted and breaks up with him, throwing him out of their apartment. For most guys that would be upsetting, but not for Ryan because he is heading back home to see his sexy mom and Mom always makes it better!

~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~

I was pulled from my thoughts by something grazing my leg. I glanced down to see my mother’s bare foot sliding playfully along my jeans. I looked across the table at her and she casually took a sip of her coke while her foot slipped beneath my cuff and her toes wiggled against my calf.

She removed her foot and a moment later I gasped when she placed it on my crotch.

“You okay, Ryan?” Dad asked.

“Uh, yeah, just swallowed wrong.” I replied as mom ran her foot along my rapidly stiffening cock.

“That happens sometimes.” Dad nodded. “Things go down the wrong way

“Never happens to me.” Mom winked, “Everything goes down just fine.”

“Maybe you chew your food more than most people.” Dad replied totally missing my mother’s dirty remark.

I had to hold back another sound, this one a moan, as mom was rubbing her foot along my now fully hard cock. I looked down at my lap and watched her foot work my crotch. Mom’s toes were painted in the same hot pink as her fingers and her foot looked damn sexy on the large bulge in my jeans.

I put my hand in my lap and ran my fingers across the top of her foot marveling at how soft her skin was. Mom rewarded me with a smile, and then curled her toes into my cock. I began to breathe through my mouth as mom continued to tease me and caressed the top of her foot as she did.

I brought my other hand down and capturing mom’s foot between them, began to massage it. Mom bit her lip and I smiled as I worked my strong fingers into the bottom of her toes. Mom loved me playing with her feet, not just rubbing them, but licking and sucking them as well.

My cock ached as I stroked her soft foot while envisioning it being on my chest while I fucked her, or better yet, sucking her toes as I pounded that beautiful pussy she had just flashed me. I allowed myself a satisfied smile as mom was now breathing heavier and squirming in her seat as I played my fingers lightly across the sole of her foot.

I jumped when she placed her other foot on my cock and our eyes met as she played with my cock and I rubbed her foot. I pressed her foot to my cock, then grabbed the other, holding them on either side of my trapped cock.

With a naughty smile, mom moved her legs, working her feet up and down my cock and I wished to hell I could unzip right there. Mom had given me foot jobs before and I found them to be a tease, but goddamn hot as hell.

Mom’s hand disappeared under the table and I noticed her face was flushing. She was playing with herself under the table. My fingers teased along her insteps as her worked her feet against my concealed cock and I was beginning to think I might pop off right there in my jeans when dad said,

“Ryan, what are you doing under the table?”

“Um…nothing.” I had to speak slowly as mom kept moving her feet along my cock.

“Takes two hands to do nothing,” He raised his eyebrows, “I know what you’re doing.”

Oh, I don’t think you do, I thought, but nevertheless put my hands back on the table.

“That’s better; I’ve told you before no texting at the table.”
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